Finally: 98B’s Saturday Future Market at Escolta: August 2014 Edition


Sa Wakas!! 98B’s Saturday Future Market at Escolta, Manila

I’ve been following 98B’s FB page for a while and I’ve been eyeing their Monthly Market over at Escolta. With 98B being an independent artist-run initiative, I could only imagine the selection of items being sold (or in this case, the concessionaires they’ve allowed to sell at their Market). I was expecting nothing less than interesting, and I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed.

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How do you show a Balikbayan Around Metro Manila in 3 days: Be Spontaneous – Unplanned things happened in Taal (Part 2)

It was a weekday on the last few weeks of January and the weather sucked. It was cloudy and raining from time to time, a kind of rain where your feet will get soaked only a few minutes in. What I had planned was a McDonald’s trip because the cousin’s wife would like to have some McDonald’s, and what better McDonalds to go to than the one in Tagaytay because what can beat scrumptious Fastfood while taking-in the Beautiful Views of Taal?


From’s Article Right here

Well that didn’t happen and so did a lot of plans for this day because:

  1. Wifey’s condition got really bad and she had to rest
  2. The rain in Tagaytay got really bad that you can’t see any kind of view at all, except Fog and Cloud, so bottom line: no Taal View. 
  3. We got off at the wrong Bus Stop.

Backtracking on #2 and 3 – I was really looking forward to that Tagaytay Ridge Taal View. While we can’t do McDonalds’ I was thinking the cousin and I could go for a Food Trip: Leslie’s for the Bulalo and Bag of Beans maybe. So the plan was: Take a Bus from Buendia to Tagaytay, do food trip, go Home. That was it. But this totally DID NOT HAPPEN and it all worked out for the best. Seriously. What happened that day was really the most fun I ever had in a random outing. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

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Applying for a Turkey Tourist Visa in the Philippines for us Mortals without a US, Schengen or UK Visa in the year 2016

  1. Gather all your Docs: 2×2 Photo, Passport, Hotel Reservation, Round Trip Airplane Tickets, Proof of Income: ITR, Employment Certificate, Bank Deposit Certificate addressed to the Turkish Embassy Consul. Proof of Intent to Return to the Philippines: Land Registry Certificates, Bank Deposit (too), Leave Approval Form from your HR. Applied for Travel Insurance in
  2. Group the documents into 5:
    • 01 Biometric Photo
    • 02 Proof of Income – ITR, Employment Certificate, Bank Certificate, Stock Certificate
    • 03 Flight Reservation – Cebu Pac Ticket, Qatar Airways Ticket
    • 04 Hotel Reservation – 2 Hotel Reservations
    • 05 Intent to Return – Transfer Certificate Title, Leave Approval Form

Scan your photo into a JPG File. Scan the other 4 into PDF files, each file not exceeding 2 MB.

3. Go through the Pre-Application Process in  Upload files made in Number 2 during the process. End result is a pre-formatted and filled in Visa Application Form. Printed Visa application form.

4. Submit Everything. Site prompts you to Make an Appointment after Submitting Everything. Proceed to Making an Appointment with the Turkish Embassy.  Printed Screenshot of the Approved Appointment.

5. Prepare Docs prior to appointment: Passport, 2 x 2 Photo White Background, Photocopy of all Passport Pages with Stamps and Visas, 2835 Pesos for the Tourist Visa Application Fee (kulang yung pera ko yikes), Printed Hotel Reservations, Printed Roundtrip Ticket, Printed Certificate of Insurance from World Nomads. Certificate of Employment. Bank Certificate. (Not to be submitted but brought with me anyway: Leave Approval Form, ITR, Transfer Certificate of Title, Stock Cert. Basically hard copies of all things mentioned in Number 1. 150 Pesos for Embassy Shuttle in Dasmarinas Village.

6. Appointment Day – Find yourself in MRT 3 Magallanes Station. Walk on the Alphaland Side of Magallanes then Ecology Village then the Dasmarinas Village beside it. Leave an ID with the Guard if he’s in the mood to get IDs. Ride Shuttle that goes around every 30 mins. Write down your Details on the Shuttle Log-Book. Shuttle stops at Dasmarinas Village Office. Pay 150. Contemplate whether to withdraw from the ATMs  in the Village Office for Visa Fee risking getting left behind by the shuttle. Did not withdraw. Big Mistake. Ride Shuttle Again. Shuttle stops at the Embassies in the Log-Book. Russia. Nigeria (Maraming Filipinos sa Nigeria). Libya. India. Got off the Shuttle when driver shouted “Turkey!”

7. Enter a Dasmarinas Village-sized House Gate. Leave Bag and Cellphone with Guards in exchange for an Visitor’s Pass.

8.  Enter House if Guard allows you to. They allow people to enter probably when the Secretary is there. Lucky me she arrived around 9:30 AM.

9. Enter House/Embassy. Dim 70/80s style Bungalow Mansion welcomes you – but its not actually a bungalow since there’s a second floor where the Ambassador probably holds office. Line up to write Details again in another Logbook inside the house.

10. Wait. Make Chika with your fellow Visa Applicants. Listen to their stories and reasons they were there with you applying for Transit, Permanent Residence, Tourist and Student Visas. Listen to their stories of Anorexic Amos, of crossing the Cyprus-Turkey Border, of their knowledge of Anatolia, Izmir and other provinces of Turkey. Of Circumsized men and if its masarap. Of traydor Filipinos and why they don’t trust other Filipinos easily anymore, or of kind Filipinos who provide clothing to students during the cold winter months when the students who have nothing. Of standing their ground so their employers won’t abuse them.

10. Guard calls your name. Proceed to Secretary’s Room. Greet Secretary a good morning. Greet everyone with a Good Morning. Secretary inspects your documents. Ask you questions. Why are you there? Why Turkey? Said I was there for the Kebabs. Mentioned the places I wanted to go to: Hagia Sofia, Blue Mosque.. And genuinely want to be there. Secretary asks for Employment Certificate and Travel Insurance. I provided the Copies.

11. Secretary asks for 2 Claim Stubs. Where do I get those? Get it outside. Gone outside and got 2 Claim Stubs. Went back in and gave the claim stubs. Asks for 2835 pesos. I brought only 2650 with me. Secretary returns the Documents: Come back if your payment is complete.

12. Hurriedly rush out to meet the Shuttle just on time. Ride back to the Dasmarinas Village gate. Withdrawed money from BDO in Alphaland. Made it back in time for the next shuttle trip. Did not get off to pay the fee.

13. Got off at Turkey. Left Cellphones with the Guard.

14. Waited for around 30 mins and Made Chika. Secretary was upstairs entertaining someone who’s there to meet the Ambassador.

15. Secretary goes down, calls names and gives first batch of Released Documents, passports and sukli of application fees.

16. Guard Lines up the next batch of Interviewees for the Secretary. Went ahead of the line to Pay. Got my Passport Taken. Got my Claim Stub saying release date is on the 6th of October.

17. Got out again to meet the Shuttle just in Time. Guard in Gates line up IDs of those making their way out of Dasmarinas Village. Got my ID.

18. Ate Bagnet at Shoops (?) in Alphaland for a Job well done.

July 2015 in Plays: Kung Paano ako Naging Leading Lady and No Filter: Let’s talk about me

The Cast of Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady

The Cast of Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady

On Kung Paano ako Naging Leading Lady

  • Managed to catch the last few runs of it in Greenbelt OnStage
  • Was hoping to watch Bituin Escalante in the starring role but I get to watch Frenchie Dy instead.
  • Frenchie’s not bad, but I was hoping for an intense performance. She was quite believable as the good ate though.
  • I actually liked Markki Stroem’s performance as Leading Man. He plays the naive and earnest Inglisero Amboy convincingly – it was natural that Mely (Frenchie Dy’s character) would really be friends with him.
  • I really thought Vincent De Jesus played Senor Blanco – but it was someone by the name of Domi Espejo – benta sakin yung grammar punchlines niya. 
  • A month from watching the play, I could still recall Buhay Basahan and Kayumanggilas ‘s melody, but I can’t say the same for the other songs. Not sure if I wasn’t paying attention or if the songs sounded the same to me.
  • “We have a maiiiiid!!” was one of the more awkward singing parts in Kung Paano ako Naging Leading Lady – at least for me personally.
  •  The code switching between Filipino and English was off-putting

On No Filter: Let’s talk about Me

  • I LOVED IT. Seriously. I doubt however if the parents and older people watching it with me at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium fully appreciated it since it mostly talks about Millennial Issues.
  • I say this because considering the humor alone, I’m not sure if people outside the Millennial crowd get the skits about Tinder, the 5 people in an Instagram Picture, the Apps segment. It was written by Millennials and I think I really get the humor – I enjoyed every second of it.
  • Much as I enjoyed it however, I can’t help but think that the play is so burgis. All the themes discussed in the play wouldn’t come to a person’s mind if that person came from the lower income classes. Social Media Activism, the Icarus segment: i.e. Don’t fly too high lest your wings melt off not Don’t fly too low lest the waves swallow you whole,  people who are trying to eke a living everyday – even if their ages will allow them to be considered a ‘Millennial – just have no time to have these concerns. Can’t help but think that people having these concerns are “privileged” in a way.

Cinemalaya X 2014 (Day 2): Dagitab, #Y – Generation Gap

Nonie Buencamino and Eula Valdez leads the cast of Giancarlo Abrahan's film: Dagitab

Nonie Buencamino and Eula Valdez leads the cast of Giancarlo Abrahan’s film: Dagitab (taken from the Film’s FB Page)

Generation Gap is the wittiest thing that I could come up with right now regarding these two films that I’ve watched in today’s Cinemalaya lineup. On one hand you have the story of two married UP professors in their midlives dealing with their issues in Giancarlo Abrahan’s Dagitab, and on the other you have the the story of a teenager in crisis in Gino Santos’ #Y. Both however are stories of personal struggle, albeit on the different points in one’s life. One story ends with hope, and another ends tragically (Or did it? It will make you wonder, but I’m getting ahead of myself) – [SPOILER ALERT, by the way]

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On this year’s Summer Komikon 2014

Back at this Summer’s Komikon 2014

And I’m back! Been finding a reason to blog again after the office shenanigans, and this looks like the perfect opportunity to do so!

The last time I attended Komikon was way back 2012, and I missed it a bit. Primarily, I think it was that I didn’t find enough motivation to go last year as compared to this year. This year, I was set on getting interesting titles: the Abangan Anthology, Manix’s 10th Kikomachine Book, Tabi Po in its full color glory, and Eliza Victoria’s Project 17 (which is technically not a comic, but since it was on sale, I thought of including it). Hence, I think I went to Komikon just to make Visprint rich, but I digress.

Another reason was to catch Arnold Arre’s Animation Short, Milkyboy. I haven’t seen any venues where this will be shown, and once the Komikon FB page announced that they’ll be showing Andong Agimat and Milkboy, I knew I had to come this year.

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