Long overdue! It was a Sunday afternoon in Megamall, and it was really a bad idea not to bring cash!  You had to line-up for the ATM along with other shoppers dropping by for the Mallwide Sale.

KOMIKON 2009 Loot
In the light of the convention-goer tradition, a picture of ze loot!

The previous KOMIKONs were held at the UP Bahay ng Alumni. I don’t know how big a venue that was, but Megatrade Hall definitely must have been bigger. Entering the venue, you can easily figure out where everything was. Merchandise on your left, Indie Comic Groups on your far right, the Stage at the Center.

Kapitan Tiago Revisited
Coching's El Indio Revisited, Restored and Narrated
Comic-Bubble Head
People with Comic Bubbles on their heads were commonplace

It has been a pain to reconcile the 2 styles of Pinoy Komiks. One part was the Old School, more American style often seen in the Komiks read by our Parents, those created by Francisco Coching and Mars Ravelo. The last of these styles I’ve seen way back when I was a kid, while reading Engkantasya komiks at our lola’s house.

Alcala and Coching's work on Exhibit
Langyang Details yan, ang tiyaga!

So, dito pala galing yung costume ni Cesar Montano sa Palos!
Unang Komiks? Jose Rizal's take on the Tortoise and the Hare

Then on the other side, is the Anime-Manga style, popular with kids today. The Indie Comic Circles that filled the Right-most side of the Convention Hall mostly used this style.

Fan-Made Comics like these filled the Right-Side of the Hall
A UP Student's take on Uzumaki Naruto, the Hokage. Galeng! Parang si Kishimoto lang!

In the convention, it was a marriage of both styles. Well, it might be the wrong term, but what the convention did was to showcase and celebrate both these styles. The exhibit celebrated the Old School Comics styles by setting up an Exhibit of Comics over the years and the works of people already considered legends in the Comics Industry (and it’s not just Locally, mind you). Hopefully, the kids took the time to appreciate these exhibits while roaming around the convention venue.

Aside from these two major styles that dominated the venue, one cannot ignore the presence of the comics innovators in the Con. I’m talking about Trese Creator’s Budjette Tan and Kajo Baldisimo, launching the 3rd part of the Trese Series. There’s also Gerry Alanguilan signing copies of Elmer and Where Boldstars go to Die. (I took a look at the Copy…boldstars nga. For mature audiences talaga) Manix Abrera was also launching his book, ’12’, which was such a mindfuck, it’s good! Hazel Manzano of Callwork fame was there, Lyndon Gregorio of Beerkada..it’s just my sheer stupidity that I didn’t bring my copies to have them signed!

I have to admit though I came for the Indie Comics on the right side of the hall. I can buy the other books at Comics Stores, but these comics can only be bought during that time. I’m also happy to see that the quality of the Indie Comics the Circles are producing right now are starting to step-up. I literally wanted to buy everything, especially those whose covers are colored. I haven’t read the contents though, I hope the stories do live up to their covers. Looking forward to when things can reach the Komiket Scale in Japan.

I really enjoyed the event and it was amazing how the organizers were able to put these diverse groups together, and got so much things going on during the Con. Merchandise, Launchings, Signings, Forums. The Different Comic Creators were gathered there, no matter what styles they use. They even manage to squeeze in Schools, Products and Cosplay Merchandise into the Mix. Cheers to the Organizers of the event! Oh and if anyone’s interested, here’s my Komikon set on flickr.


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