Took the chance to try my hand at Scrapbooking while attending some mandatory activities for School. Scrapbooking Baby Shower was an Outreach event held by the CSB Yearbook Office in cooperation with CRIBS foundation, a foundation aimed at helping Abandoned, Neglected, and Sexually Abused Children. The baby books they make for the babies under their care are only made of bond paper filed on yellow file folders you often see in offices, and seeing this, the Yearbook office came up with the idea of sharing their creative talents by creating scrapbooks for the babies.

Nice Art Materials Centerpiece!

Scrapbooking is a good way to practice your design skills though you really need to be patient, not to mention dexterous with scissors and glue if you don’t want it spilling all over your pictures. You’ll need all the patience you can get to create those layouts, cut all those pictures and make all those captions, which is probably why this is one design job people consider therapeutic.

Some things picked up from the event:

  • Use acid-free paper when doing scrapbooks so that your pictures will not fade out easily.
Acid-Free Paper Only, please
  • Some Awesome Manual Art Gear you can get from Scrapbook Stores: Portable Paper Trimmer. The Paper Trimmer is very helpful for us mortals who cannot cut paper straight. Prices Online for the portable paper trimmer places it on $9.99, around 500 pesos. Haven’t seen one at Local Bookstores, but you may like to try your luck at scrapbook stores.

    Portable Paper Cutter, want!
  • Some Awesome Manual Art Gear you can get from Scrapbook Stores: Die-Cut Machines. Machines that can easily create paper-cut outs of any pattern. How it works: Place paper, place die (or template) containing your pattern on top, start cranking handle, voila! Instant flower paper cut-outs! Around 5k for this one though, so it’s only recommended for die-hard scrapbookers. However, scrapbook stores sell small packs of paper cut-outs at around 40php.

    Paper-Cut flowers on the way!

And now, for the designs I came up with. Found out that it can be really therapeutic since you have to concentrate in putting together a single page, with all the cutting and pasting involved. I think it’ll be more relaxing when you’re actually pasting pictures of your friends and love ones. Nothing like a pang of nostalgia while creating a masterpiece.


2 thoughts on “Scrapbooking!

  1. nice pages! pwedeng ibenta as QPs. 😆
    (i can’t seem to view the first 3 photos,though.)
    buttons are my fave embellishments. they add color and dimension, yet you can buy them almost anywhere (kahit sa divi meron haha) and are very cheap. 😀

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