And now a word from the Career Shiftee.

Been blog surfing around and found this post containing the Diagram above by Bud Cadell. I’m currently planning shift from the IT work that I’ve been doing for the past few years now and plunge myself into graphic design. The hard part is, my current knowledge and skills are worlds apart from what I’d like to do (and hopefully get paid for). Now I find myself juggling work and learning more about graphic design by taking up another course, definitely not advisable for those who still value their sleep and social life.

The funny thing is, I haven’t really design that much, and I think I could do better. I could really use more practice…build my Portfolio, which is exactly what I’m NOT doing.

But if that brochure making contest I won is any sign that I could do what I currently think I’d like to do, I sure wish that it really is.


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