On Crash: The Not Quite Unreal Sequel

Crash: The Not Quite Unreal Sequel
Finally got around finishing this book.  I had my apprehensions before reading this because the first one, Roles, was all too dreamy, pretentious, “gossip-girl-ish” for my taste. But given the former prostitute-student premise the first book had, I found it unusual for someone to write about it, and with that, I bought a copy of the sequel.

For the uninitiated, Crash is the 2nd book of a series by Carlos Malvar about High School Kids studying in an exclusive school, their hang-ups, adventures, conflicts. And we’re not talking of the teeny-bopper type of High School plots, we’re talking about parties, drugs, sex, those types of things parents wouldn’t believe high school kids are already doing at their age.

Crash has a more mature feel to it, compared to the second book. Maybe it’s because the characters are given dimension, like how Orestes thinks given his orientation with power by his Senator-Dad. Or Octavio’s take on Luck and how one should deal with it. Or even how Astrud respects someone who stood their ground, earning the right to be called  ‘Bitch.’ The characters have their own philosophies and thought processes, and these made the characters of the first novel more tangible and real to me while I was reading the book. Even I was oriented in the differences of being a slut, a bitch and a whore, (apparently there is a difference) and why being called a bitch is a complement.

However, I believe the genius of this book is the effortless reconciliation of the concept of sosyal and the jologs. One minute, you’re reading about LVs and Jimmy Choos, the next minute you’re reading about Hwa Tze Lei and supposedly-sosyal girls calling each other bakla. Yes, The sosyal can be jologs too. It’s probably one of those insights a middle-class person sees, and the book captures it perfectly.

Reading the author’s website, he apparently deleted 2 scenes in his book, and reading those scenes, it was a good choice that he did. The book was more coherent and deep than the first one. (And I didn’t even mention how interesting the plot was) I’m seriously looking forward to what the author has in store for us in the next installment.


5 thoughts on “On Crash: The Not Quite Unreal Sequel

  1. ganda ng book but then it’s starting to have the pang-teleserye vibe to it… young girl with the secret life, car accident, comatose… kahit na may anak ng politician dun basta wala lang magaganap na kidnapping or amnesia scenes…pero i like the book.looking forward to the next!

  2. HELP.. tulungan niyo naman po ako gumawa ng literary thesis about sa story na to.. Kailangan ko lang po.. ito napili kong book ganda kasi.. sa Tuesday Jan. 26 po ang pasa ng thesis namin.. thanks, wala lang po akong time working student po kasi ako..
    sa mababait jan paki send na lang po sa email ko: georginalalaine@yahoo.com.. Thanks po! hope my tumulong..

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