Pinoy Graphic Design History: Patriotic Cigarette Wrappers!

Sigarilyo ng mga Matatapang

Crappy Picture I know, but techinically taking pictures IS not allowed inside the Museum, and I just sneaked a shot with my phone.  On War and Dissent: The Philippine-American War exhibit was going on at the National Museum that particular Saturday I dropped by.  On display are postcards, uniforms and photos of American Soldiers and  Filipinos dating back to the early 1900s.  It was fascinating seeing old pictures of McKinley Hill (then known as  McKinley Fort) where our offices currently stand, but what especially caught my eye were these cigarette wrappers. I was thinking, “This is like one of the First Examples of Graphic Design in the Philippines!” and clever at that since they’ve been printing it on cigaratte wrappers, a way of propaganda without the Americans detecting it.

Who knew uso na pala ang yosi during the American Period?

This one features Filipino Revolutionaries and Rizal

The target audience of these ads are the probably revolutionaries who were fighting the Americans,  made to inspire them to be patriotic and fight for Philippine Independence. Imagine Revolutionaries taking a yosi break and then having a look at their cigarette wrappers, getting some sort of inspiration from it.

Hmm, when you think about it actually this is a good idea for an Anti / Pro Cigarette Campaign. Pwede din tong for Campaign Material for the upcoming elections! Imagine all the Jeepney Drivers, Construction Workers and Yuppies who would see your ad diba?


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