Graphic Expo 2010

Graphic Expo 2010: Yes there's Such a Thing

What a coincidence hearing this over the radio on a Lazy Sunday afternoon. According to the organizers’ website, it’s already on it’s 15th year. Haha Talk about living under a rock.

Reading through the page, it seems more of the hardware involved in creating graphics are being exhibited, like large format-printers and laser printers.  Probably none of your favorite Graphic Design Studio in here, folks.  I would really want to visit though to learn a bit of the practical side of things, a thing or two on how a tarp printer costs (though I really hate tarps :/), or probably how you’ll setup something to be printer-ready.

The highlight of the Expo for me though, are the seminars.  Illustrator, Photoshop for Fine Art, Photography, Video Editing, they’ve got everything!!! I’m particularly interested in learning InDesign, which as far as I know is a Publication-Design Software. A whole day Seminar costs 3600, inclusive of Seminar Materials and Food. Ouch for an ordinary employee’s budget, but it’s kinda rare to find a seminar for InDesign, not to Mention AfterEffects

For those interested, you might want to visit Fiera De Manila’s Site. The Expo itself runs from June 17-19, 2010 at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia, Manila, Philippines.


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