Tourism Poster Drive by Team Manila

Tourism Pilipinas by Team Manila

Tourism Poster by Team Manila Graphic Design Studio. I find the Chocolate Hills poster striking amongst the four. Probably will make a good shirt.:)

These guys literally made me want to do Graphic Design when I lost all hope of being an artist (haha), which is why I’m promoting them in my own little way. Pioneers in Graphic Design, they just started out designing shirts, selling them in the EcoVille apartment. Now everybody wants to be like them. They’ve moved on from designing shirts to promoting different advocacies such as the Ondoy Project and now, Philippine Tourism thru Graphic Design. FYI, Sila ang nag-paguso na lagyan ng shades si Rizal.

Visit their Online Store here. Remove the “shop” from the web address and you get to see their portfolio.

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