Metro Comic Con 2010

Artists Live on Komikon's Webcast

With the trail of cosplayers lining the hallways of Megamall’s 5th floor, you’ll definitely know that’s theres a Convention going on somewhere in Megatrade. This time around, it’s the Metro Comic Con 2010 that kept the area buzzing with activity, much to the delight of the other concessionaires and mallgoers.

I guess the highlight of the event is to gather Manila’s Comic Creators and enthusiasts, young and old,  whatever the style they employ or enjoy. On that note, the event was very successful as it became a venue where comic creators were able to showcase their talents and fans were able to show support to the local komiks scene.

On the right of the entrance is the stage where you have the veterans (pardon the term) talking about how to make it in the industry; sometimes sharing some insights on how the komiks industry worked before as compared to today. One particular artist said that before, it was obvious when a Filipino worked on a Western Comic because there was drama on how the scenes were illustrated, and of course, the American Publishers didn’t like it. Today though, the artists are already able to adapt to Western Tastes. Mga Pinoy talaga, Sadyang madamdamin!

Panelists on the Comic Con Stage

The organizers were also generous enough to give space to the Comic Creators, who were positioned smack in the middle of the hall. There were all sorts of creators in there, of course you have the more seasoned ones showcasing their latest issue of Bayan Knights and Trese, and then you have the indie comic circles na mga tambay ng Deviant-Art. Then you have the artists who just happen to be inspired to create comics. You can have all sorts of people creating komiks, as you’ll see in the next bunch of pictures.

Just Browsing

Aside from taking pictures for my Finals Photography Project, I was there to find some interesting works. I’m not really a fan of Komiks drawn Western Style, I’m more into the Manga style of illustration. However, I don’t really mind the style of illustration if the story or the content is fresh, interesting or funny enough. I’ll pick Kikomachine or Trese over any beautifully-drawn comic anytime. Either that, or you’re just convincing enough to make me buy one.

The titles I picked up include Dr. San Juan’s Callous, a comic about the daily adventures of a Physician and her Guardian Duck, Majic Abuscan’s Curfew, about a fictional city named Abraxa and it’s prophesized Hero, and Silent Sanctum’s 2009 5th Issue. I might post a short review on these komiks if I have the time.

Dr. San Juan posing with his comic Callous
Silent's Sanctum's Editor Dark Chapel

Some tidbits about these 2 komiks: Callous comics is actually a self-published by a Medical Doctor, while Silent Sanctum manga welcomes all sorts of submissions regardless of the style. The guy in the picture edits, layouts, publishes, and markets the comics (Adik ka sir).

That's a lot of Keychains

On the left of the entrance are the different merchandise and activity booths:  2Rats, CSCentral selling these adorable keychains of different anime, game, book and original characters and some second hand Japanese CDs, someone’s collection of Original Japanese Merchandise, from Kimonos to copies of BL manga magazines, College of St. Benilde, a line of Sculptures of different Comic Characters, National Bookstore selling discounted comics, and a booth where you can comission a drawing of yourself. There’s also an exhibit of Alfredo Alcala’s works for DC Comics.

You don't like him when he's angry
DC Comic's tribute booth to Alfredo Alcala

And of course, there will always be a cosplay event for events like these. Let me leave you with a picture of the Group Cosplay Category Winner, Bulacan Cosplay Mania as the One Piece Gang. Isa lang ang masasabi ko, Ang gwapo ni Zorro!!! hahahaha

The Con's Group Cosplay Winnars


One thought on “Metro Comic Con 2010

  1. Kinda wandered in here and found that you got a copy of “Callous”! 🙂 Excellent blog post! Thanks for buying a copy of my comic book! I really appreciate it and I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did making it! 🙂 Thanks for the link to the site as well, I hope you enjoyed the more recent comic strips!
    Metro Comic Con was a blast! 🙂

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