Re-branding the Philippines

Guys, c'mon, it looks decent.

Much uproar and criticism has been caused by the re-branding of Philippine Tourism, from the well-known and successful WOW Philippines campaign, to the new ‘Pilipinas Kay Ganda (Philippines, So Beautiful)’ campaign. It must be really hard to be Campaigns and Grey/DOT right now, with all the criticisms they have been receiving. I mean, c’mon guys, it looks decent! But well, decent is not enough though if we would have to compete with Incredible India, or Malaysia Truly Asia, or Hot KPop Idols Singing Fly to Seoul-dance-dance-dance, boom-boom-boom (okay I’ll stop here) for tourists.

What’s interesting though is that netizens are not just all complaints and criticism, and is now taking a constructive approach. In fact, a facebook group ( is already built with the pitch to re-brand Philippine Tourism, asking for Philippine Designers and ad Creatives to take on the challenge. Now I want to know how this one turns out, how Manila’s Graphic Designers respond to this.  It’s actually a pretty big challenge! (It’s also a good Art School Final Exam!)

There’s actually a movement to have Manny Pacquiao endorse the Philippines, since he’s all popular especially with the Foreign Community. I’d like to take up on that endorsement and probably create a ‘Manny’s Travels’ commercial, while he’s still popular enough to create interest in the Philippines. It’ll be something like When I’m not in the Ring, this is what I’m up to, Taking a Dive in the Sea of Coron, Wrestling Catlle in the Rodeo Somewhere in Mindanao or something like that – but it’ll only be a complement to a much more bigger campaign.

Regarding the logo, will it be detrimental to move away from the Rainbow colored-Fiesta Like motif? I dunno, since the day I was born the Philippines was always described as Sunny, Fiesta-like atmosphere by the Tourism Campaigns we had.  Will it be bad to have a somewhat mysterious aura to it, like how Malaysia projects itself – but then it wouldn’t really fit the Happy Personality the Philippines usually extrudes, and is known for.

Ikaw, how would you rebrand the Philippines?

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