The iZoom Project: Logo Design Practice

I’ve been meaning to start designing – because as I’ve heard many times, the only way you could go to the place you wanted to go is to actually start walking towards it – or in my case, doing it. Hopefully this will not be a “Ningas Cogon” sort of thing, because I definitely need the practice.

So here, I’m presenting 2 of my works on Logo Design. Hopefully Someday I’ll be able to create  “Identities” similar to my idols here and here and make a living out of it someday.

Let it be known iZoom is a team of young IT professionals specializing in Data Warehouses and is part of the Business Intelligence offering of an IT company somewhere. Note that I’m not defining any specifics (*wink*wink*).

iZoom Data Warehouse Solutions

This is actually the first logo I came up for the team. Prior to this, I’ve been writing words in my journal that I can associate with iZoom – but unlike a project I did before where I got to connect everything and come up with an idea by connecting the words – there’s no click, inspiration, or “great Idea”. So much for Free Association. I just got down and worked something with Illustrator. This might seem simple, but I actually had a hard time coming up with the cylinders. The Cylinders represent the Data Warehouse – or the Database Tables where data is being stored. I still have so much to learn.

iZoom 3D: Team Planning Identity

This one is for a Team Planning Activity within the team. Ideally, I’m thinking of a Vintage-Constructivist look for this – with the Crumpled Paper texture and all. Or something…hipster looking. The 3D stands for the 3 major goals of the team. The logo is currently being used, but I haven’t really worked out how I’d like it to be used.

What’s next after this, more logos and more practice. I think I’m still far from the Logo that I wanted, but at least this is a start right? 🙂

My new years resolution, to actually do what I said I wanted to do. Which is this. I think.


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