Art Studies 101: Pure and Applied Art, as experienced in Manila

Not really, but you get the point.

1. (Ako nang Art Geek). I was reading Bruno Munari’s Design as Art – as per Sir Dan’s Recommendation, and there was an essay where he was talking about Pure and Applied Art – and how Pure Art was regarded highly as compared to it’s Applied art conterpart. Pero kung titignan to in a social context, o yung mga crowd na nag-paparticipate sa ganitong trip, ano nga ba ang dapat nilalagay sa high regard?

Meiday's 3rd: The crowd, the stage, the poster wall

2. This observation came from one random weekend – wherein during the Saturday of that particular weekend I happened to pass by Meiday: A Free Concert + Poster Exhibition + Artist Pop-Up shop, already on it’s 3rd Year and was held at Cubao X. while trying to find postcards. I did manage to stay long enough to observe the people in attendance, mostly of the young set, Teens and 20 somethings – toting their SLRs,  laughing with their Barkadas, holding their cigarettes and beers in plastic cups, sitting on the pavement, some standing and bobbing their heads to the band playing around 3 meters away from them – there has to be a space as there were cars passing by between the crowd and the stage. On the  right side of the stage was the poster wall, lighted by mini-spotlights wired from the ground filled with works by the Graphic Artist friends of the Organizer of the Event. On the space further from the space was the Pop-Up Shop We-Are-Triangle, where on a small table, being manned by 2 Guys in (I Don’t want to use the term hipster here, but what do you call someone who wears plastic black rimmed wayfarer glasses with clear lenses, a black and white striped sweater, semi-mohawk hair and often seen in “art” gatherings..) the latest hipster wear, there are small sketch notebooks, CDs of Indie Bands, Post Cards of Graphic Designers, Button Pins the size of a 1-peso coin, Organic Beauty Products and Stickers of Black and White Fun Doodles. On the side of the table was a Plywood wall where Canvass Bags designed with the faces of famous authors and Prints of Different Penguin Books (Probably Reproduced due to its tasteful graphic design) hang. Next to it were framed Prints of other artists. In front of both the table and the walls were contemporary Furniture, the sort you only see when you go to an interior-decorated house, Shirts, and Wayfarer-Glasses on Sale, Books on Pinoy Rock Biography and CDs of Short Films by Indie Directors.

CCP's Open House Festival Pasinaya 2011

3. Meanwhile, Sunday came and while browsing facebook, I chance upon someone attending Pasinaya 2011, the Cultural Center of the Philippines open House festival wherein it boasts of 2,000 artists participating in the event. I’m not able to discuss this in detail since I didn’t attend it – It would’ve been fun though if I was able to.

4. So thinking about the crowds that would be flocking to number 2 and number 3, which one gathered more people? Who attended what event? If for example, you’re an ordinary person who just wants to have fun, would you rather attend number 2 or number 3? Number 2 can be considered as Applied Art – Graphic Design, Rock Music, Fashion, Photography, Literature. Number 3 is Pure Art – Painting, Dance, Drama, Choral Music, Literature.

5. It would most likely boil down to Anung Trip mo? But in the long run, Pure Art, gaya nga sa sinabi ni Bruno Munari, can be only appreciated by a select group of people with equipped with certain intelligences, samantalang ang Applied Art, is Art made to  be appreciated even by those na walang ka-Art-Art sa katawan, at minsan, nadaanan nalang sa aesthethics, at sa style.

6. On the contrary though – naiisip ko din, kung ordinaryong taga-Kanto lang ako, anu kaya sa Number 2 at Number 3 ang aattendan ko. Unang-una, aattend ba ako in the first place, kasi minsan na-sstereotype ang art na pang-mayaman. Pero sige, kunwari, walang ganung notion. Pwede kong attendan yung number 2 – palibhasa may concert., at libre. Pero magiging kumportable ba ako sa pawang puro mayaman, at upper middle-class ang karamihan sa mga umaattend (at may ingleserong drummer na nagwawala)? Pwede kong attendan yung number 3 – kahit medyo siguro hindi ko masyadong gets, pero yung crowd – mga ka-level ko lang din, mas talentado lang ng konti – mas Pilipino’t makabayan ang tema – at baka ma-gets ko din.


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