Visual CV

Ze Visual CV

I’m currently enrolled as student in SHIFT’s Information Design course, and this one, is Homework number 2: Make a Visual CV/Resume. I didn’t thought something that I made for..half a day, during the wee hours of the morning, will liked by people, so for that alone, I’m really thankful.

Making this one make me realize that I can’t really deny what I’ve been for the past 3 years, a tester for Database Solutions. That probably instead of forgetting it, I should be proud of it, because I worked really hard to be a good one. So this is a result, a visual presentation of what I am (still), and what I aspire to be.

2 specialties, so its a bit of a challenge on how to present it. I was thinking of presenting it just like a Playing Card – 2 Faces in opposite…something like this.

But then, I would need mad Vector Skills, not to mention time to do it. This underwent a lot of revisions, particularly with the name at the foremost being at the top, and then having 2 columns for the “Software Tester” and “Graphic Designer” section. But when it came to the part that I was doing the middle part, I was thinking it wouldn’t work. So I came out with this layout. I made sure that everything was balanced, so that would be using 2 main colors, plus gray to anchor it. I was about to use black, but it stood out so much, so i had to use a softer version – gray. The Software Tester and the Graphic Designer text are placed in opposite corners for balance as well.



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