You already (a.k.a. Ikaw na!): Some wonderful finds this Friday

Randomly browsing the net (as I’ve recently found a loooot of time in my hands), and found this Philippine Star list of popular Manila tumblristas. Some of them, I was already following, but this particular duo does really awesome covers at nagtataka lang ako ba’t ngayon ko lang sila narinig, dapat to sini-share sa sangkalupaan!

The Walkie Talkies are Sisters Ralene and Rizza Cabrera, with Rizza being “2/3” of the band since she’s the one with the guitar according to one of their Videos on youtube. They’ve performed their covers and some originals in bars like Saguijo and B-Side and I wish I’ll have the chance to see them live in those venues. Anyway, youtube will do for now, and I must say, the moment I heard this cover I was hooked, and I didn’t know the original song. Ang galing ng blending but more importantly, they sing with soul. Rizza reminds me of Armi Millare of Up Dharma Down, for some reason. Must be the voice. Like them on their facebook page or follow them in tumblr.

And while browsing Walkie Talkie’s tumblr page, I happen to stumble upon Danika Rio Navarro and her works as a Freelance Graphic Designer. She’s currently taking up Fashion Design, but meyn, does she has talent for Graphic Design! Siya lang naman nanalo ng 4 na awards sa Philippine Graphic Design Awards nung 2010. I loved her identity work for Jay-Jay and Tine Lucas’ Individual Identities, and their wedding invitations. Particularly, I liked how the Invitation header was hand-drawn, and then edited using photoshop to accent it with gradients that gives off a very warm/fun/hand-made vibe. Which reminds me, I’ll have to email her for some tips.

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