Graphic Design Spotting Weekend: Ravings on Cinemalaya 2011 Poster, Atalyer Design Studio, and X-Men Op/Ed Credits

Thursday, June 2 – Facebook friend posts schedules of Cinemalaya 2011 which will be happening around July 15 to 24, together with a poster ad.

Cinemalaya 2011 Poster: See the Unseen

Not sure if this is an official poster – but it better turn out to be one. It’s pretty refreshing to see posters like this on government sponsored Art Events  – using unusually fun and modern fonts, with a lot of messages presented in layers; i.e. in order of how the relay to me: the conflicting concepts these movies will/might tackle,  It’s the 7th Year of Cinemalaya (with the Orange 7 seemingly hiding at the back of the letters), the tagline: See the Unseen and it’s going to be held at CCP and Greenbelt 3. Too bad there seem to be no sign as to who made the poster. If anyone would read this and can point out who made this – please let me know~

Saturday,  June 4 – Watched X-Men: First Class at Robinson’s Galleria – and thankfully the film justified the 200php reserved seating ticket :/ Anyway,  the director did made sure to infuse a 60s feel to the movie – from the map explaining what will happen, to the computers used (no futuristic touch screens here – only flip switches~!), the training montages – and even the opening and ending credits – which was all shapes, circles and whatnot – reminiscent of the old James Bond movies set during that time. Too bad nothing seems to be uploaded yet on Youtube to explain the point, But well, at least I get to find out who created the original motion picture titles which inspired the credits – all James Bond motion title sequences were created by Maurice Binder, and similarly, you can’t mention retro 60s motion title sequence design without Saul Bass.

And then we ended up eating at Hyphy’s (pronounced as High-fees)  – whose interiors and restaurant collaterals are so beautifully designed, this lame picture won’t justify it.

The paper placemat at Hyphy's

Yes, I shamelessly took home this piece of design and had to blog about it. The design, not just the collaterals – but the whole look of the restaurant was done by the guys of Atalyer Design Studio – a multi-discipline studio which does Interior Design, Product Design, and Branding. Wow! Meron palang ganun dito sa Manila. What I liked about their work was how integrated everything was – the Orange-Black color scheme of the walls, industrialized black steel of the chairs, the uniforms of the staff, up to the placemats. If it was trying to give off the San Francisco Vibe, then for me San Francisco means modern, and edgy, but not intimidating.

I remember doing something like this for a project back in CSB. It was a definitely a lot of work – and it was hard to make the restaurant design if you don’t have somebody who’s an expert on 3D modelling – and it seems like Atalyer won’t be having any of those problems. It would be a pleasure being able to work as part of their Branding team someday:)


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