On PETA’s Caredivas and Meeting Kuya Bodjie under embarassing circumstances

Watched Caredivas yesterday!

This was one of those impulsive night outs: I’ve decided to brave the dangerous Taft-Espana-E.Rodriguez night commute and watch the 8pm showing of Lisa Magtoto’s Caredivas. Blog reviews about it were really good, and well you can’t go wrong with a play about Five Baklas and their colorful lives as Overseas Filipino Workers in Israel! I did expect to laugh really hard that night and I wasn’t  disappointed.  I was nearly disappointed though, as I thought I wouldn’t be able to watch the show when I arrived at the PETA theater, 15 mins. before showtime, and realizing in front of Kuya Bodjie that I was 150 pesos short of a ticket.

Some thoughts:

1. When it comes to watching re-staging of plays, better inquire for ticket the current ticket prices. My mistake for depending on the ticket prices of the Feb staging of the said show. I went to the theater thinking that the tickets were sold for 300 php, and then I was told that I was 600. I only carried 450 pesos with me, and it was 15 minutes before showtime. I literally dashed around 5 block along the ominously dark Eymard drive, wasn’t able to withdraw from the first bank I saw, and then was elated when I saw a BPI ATM nearby and dashed back to the theater. Made it 5 mins before showtime, all sweaty and still huffing, and bought a 800 ticket so that I would be able to sit in the center. After buying the ticket, I ranted told my story to the ticket sellers, which included Kuya Bodjie, (Nakakahiyaa!) but I was just glad that I made it.  Well, they did tell me that I hope I enjoyed the show…

2. And so I did – I sincerely wished that I will be able to forget all the hassle I went through while watching. Boses palang nung mga bida, nakalimutan ko na yung mga hassle kanina. Ang galing ng production, ang galing ng mga actors, ng set design, at nasabi ko na bang maganda ang boses nung mga actors? The dialogue was really hilarious, and believable, like you’re eavesdropping on a real conversation.

3. I just had to commend Vincent De Jesus as Shai – His character was the leader of the group, the one who’s bright, organized and responsible, the one who constantly warns, reminds and corrects people of their mistakes and the one heavily depended upon by his relatives. When things started to go wrong for the group, his solo singing part effectively portrayed the feeling of hopelessness and disappointment — na-iyak ako. Then again, I might be probably just relating too much to his character.

The Caredivas Cast

4. Watch it, Pramis – It’s a very good play, if you just need a good laugh – it’ll definitely make you laugh. But of course, it isn’t just that, it doesn’t make light of the challenges caregivers in foreign lands go through, like the fear of deportation, suicide bombings, too dependent relatives, malalabong employers, and present it as it is. And adding to that the insecurities and social prejudices that goes with being gay. But don’t let these themes stop you from watching it, it does give a hopeful ending – and it’s definitely enjoyable! As for the hassle earlier, nawala siyang lahat.

Catch the staging of Care Divas on selected dates this June and July at the  PETA Theater Center, No. 5 Eymard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City. For more details, call the PETA Marketing and Public Relations Office at 725-6244, 410-0821 or (0917) 564-2433. You may also email petatheater@gmail.com.


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