How to Sell your Old Books when you’re in Manila: part 1

Bye Books :(
Bye Books 😦

The US has the most convenient service for selling your old books. Searching for ways on how to dispatch the old novels and textbooks I had at my house (the things you do when you’re strapped for cash!), I found websites which will search who will buy your books at the highest price, and even pay for your shipping. Unfortunately if you’re not a resident of either US or Canada, you’ll have a hard time using these services, and the hassle is not worth it for just selling a bunch of old books.

So what’s the alternative when you’re in Manila – and so eager to sell your old books?

If you do want to get a significant value for your old books, and you’ve decided to let go of your collection, start by gathering and cleaning them, and then organizing them. It’s best if you sort out your books into these categories: Still Popular Titles and Classics, Really Old Novels and Pocketbooks and Textbooks. These categories will help you organize how, where and who to sell these books to. It’ll be helpful to make an inventory of these books and how much are you willing to sell them for. This will make things easier for you by the time you actually sell the books.

The Still Popular Titles and Classic Books can be sold at prices similar to how bookstores price them, provided your books are in a very good condition. Since the books are still popular you can demand a high price for it – but not so much as to turn your buyers off. I’m assuming that since you have a lot of popular titles to sell, you do have Friends who share the same interest as you – and will be willing to buy your books. And what place to easily let your friends know what you’re selling? Facebook my friend, facebook. You’ll be able to sell most of your books in about a week or 2 after you posted your list. Don’t forget to make your Book List in FB viewable to everyone, so that even your Friends’ Friends can see the list, and buy from you.

The Really Old Novels can be sold in several ways — provided that they’re in a very good condition. If you’re lucky you can sell them to a friend, so you might want to include the Really Old Novels together with your Popular titles list. You can even sell them online at these sites:, ayosdito or even The advantage of these 2 methods is that you can price your novels a bit higher, if you’re lucky you might be able to sell them for 80 – 100 pesos. However, since these are really old novels the money might not come that easily as compared to selling popular titles.

If you can’t wait for a buyer to come around and buy your old books – or if you think your books are too dilapidated to be sold – you can opt to sell them at Recto. Don’t expect a high price for your books though – I sold my yellowed Sidney Sheldon and R.L.Stine Pocketbooks for 10 pesos each. But since I got 20 of them I made 200 bucks out of these books – better than having them sold at the Junkshop per kilo. An exception though is that if your books are newly printed – they will buy it for around 50 pesos each.

Some other tips when you’re in Recto:

  • I don’t know if it makes a difference, but I’d rather sell my books to the buyers housed in a building – rather than those buying right off the sidewalk. I think the sidewalk buyers sell their books to those in the buildings and therefore they’ll buy your books Cheaper.
  • According to the lady who bought my books – the most popular books that they are willing to buy are those written by Judith McNaught (a Romance writer) and Sidney Sheldon. So if you have any of those lying around – you might want to sell it in Recto while they’re still new.

Part 2 will feature how to sell your Textbooks – they’re an entirely different matter.

[EDIT: 7/1/2018] Hello Everyone! Instead of selling your book, might you want to consider donating it to kids in Marawi instead? Visit Mindanao State University – University Training Center Library Hub Program‘s page and learn how you can contribute! 🙂

Kisses, Bom


27 thoughts on “How to Sell your Old Books when you’re in Manila: part 1

    1. If you meant vintage by the word “old”, I doubt if it will sell in Recto stalls, you might have better luck doing so in eBay. But if you meant 80s/90s pocket books then you might be able to do so, just don’t expect a lot of cash for it. 🙂

  1. I want to sell old books can i get ur landline no# so that i can talk to u about all this old books that am keeping for a long years that came the father of my husband ..thank u so much i wish i can have a reply from u

  2. I have a novel called The Elite, i don’t have the complete series so, i decided it’s better if i’m just going to sell it. How can i do that here? I’ve only read that once, no damage.

  3. Hello Goodafternoon. How to sell my GROLIER BOOKS. sayang lang po kac binili kopo nuon yun naka display lang po siya sa bahay

  4. Sa anung paraan kopo mabebenta ang GROLIER BOOKS ko na its about music po. 10 volumes po.completo pa po siya.pls help me. Just txt me 09277396439

  5. i have some old books at home we used to be dealers with books from all various levels of education… txt me if you are an interested buyer planning to sell them all at 25,000.00 all of it txt me 09366272304/09276717007 thanks be waiting… its more on kids and other fields of studies such as accounting and etc.

  6. I m selling my accounting and other books like statistics, finance and law. If interested text me at 09178385957. Au

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