June/July 2011 in Manila (Graphic?) Design Events: andameh!

A Lot of Stuff, graphic design related or whatnot are being announced left and right this week! I wish I had the money and time to attend them all, but then I might just be content with listing them all down here for your convenience:

Now Accepting Entries!

1. The Philippine Graphic Design Awards 2011 is now accepting entries!
13 new categories and 2 New Divisions (Professional and Student) to vie for. And the best part, 20% off on the entrance fee until July 20 for those who will be submitting their entries early!

Graphika Manila 2011: Coming this July 30, 2011

2. Graphika Manila 2011 Tickets are now on Sale – Its pretty weird that they only started selling tickets a month before the exact event – July 30, 2011, but anyway…Speaker lineup includes: Weta Digital (Visual Effects Designer of Avatar), Mike Friolo (Senior Designer of Nike who made the Designs for Pacquiao’s Nike Line), Laundry, Dan Matutina, 27+20, and Seph Mayol. Tickets are 1800 for professionals and 1500 for students but Early Birds get 300 php off until July 1!

Team Manila Presents: Balik sa Bayan Box

3. Team Manila will be holding an Exhibit in commemoration of Rizal’s 150th year and their 10th Anniversary as a Design Studio – Entitled Balik sa Bayan Box, the exhibit will be held at the Ayala Museum on June 24, 2011 and is literally “packaged” as a Rizal Visual Feast – with his Journeys and Ideologies presented in balikbayan boxes, hopefully to impart how the viewer can relate his experiences, no matter how distant it may seem

Cinemalaya 2011 Poster: See the Unseen

4. Tickets for Cinemalaya 2011 now on sale in Greenbelt~!  Ang tanong magkano – at kung may Festival Pass ba. My to watch list: Eugene Domingo Starrer “Ang Babae sa Septic Tank”, I-Libings, Ligo na U, Lapit na Me..and non-competition film Rakenrol (July 16 according to FB posts) will be shown as well.



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