Postcards, Stamps and Design

I’ve recently gotten into a hobby of sending postcards to people abroad via postcrossing. In return I receive postcards from people all over the globe. Its very interesting to receive pictures of sights, or to have a peek on how a stranger’s day went, but what excites me more is to receive art and design cards from around the world. (Here’s my postcrossing wall to have an Idea of the cards I’ve received so far).

Aside from sending Philippine View cards, I also make it a point to send Design Postcards abroad. Its really hard to find Design Postcards since they’re not usually sold in bookstores – you’ll have to scour the artsy/pa-art/hipster bazaars and stores every December, or the interwebs for artists selling postcards of their work. This particular postcard by Tof Zapanta was received pretty well with 5 likes. Its like you’re broadcasting Philippine Design to the world in your own little way. This little piece of design has made its way to Japan.

Postcards Yey!

This afternoon, I’ve sent another 2 postcards with Commemorative Stamps for Rizal’s 150th year – these 2 stamps in Red and Blue featuring the winning design of Team Manila designers Ramon Vizmonte and Ritzh Sales – is now making their way to the US and Kazakhstan. Nakakatuwa lang isipin na may Pinoy design na nakakarating sa Kazakhstan. Sorry naman, mababaw lang ako.


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