32nd Manila International Book Fair

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And its that time of the year again. Intentionally placed myself in a book-buying drought just for this event, came home carrying a bagful of books. And to think that just a few months ago I offloaded my shelf by selling my books. This particular book fair is an interesting one since it was graced by a lot of authors (signing books of course), some new exhibitors, and new titles and bargain books by local presses!

Every year that I visit the MIBF, I have a different thing that I look for. This year, I was trying to see if I would be able to spot some good design books for less than 1000php. I didn’t exactly find one, but I did manage for find some interesting books aside from those sold by the usual textbook importers.

This booth by Megavision Books (I’m not sure about the name..didn’t write it down) had a lot of Design Books – Branding Books, Korean Eye-Candy Graphic Books, works by Taiwanese Designers, Manga, Manga Art Books. And as the case with Design Books, they’re not cheap. The price range was above 2000php. Got me thinking if I really need design books for myself to get better at designing – I’ll probably be better off doing designing than reading about it.

Found these babies within the National Bookstore Section. They’re imported from AVA Books Singapore and seems practical enough since its packaged as a basics series book. The books feature Design Thinking (methodologies) and Preparing Works for Print and sells for a thousand plus bucks each.

…so I guess Design Books are not cheap, and maybe the Book Fair is not the place for those, if ever they exist. Might as well try my luck in a Book Sale store. So I stopped looking for it altogether.

The good thing about this Book Fair is that I was able to find local books at rock-bottom prices, and they’re good titles to boot. I got a bargain at the New Day Publishing Booth with Juan Flavier’s Doctor to the Barrio’s Series at 50 pesos instead of its regular 180+ price tag at stores. Scored 2 50-peso books by Cristina Pantoja-Hidalgo and a particular work that I was eyeing for sometime now but deemed too expensive to buy. Got a 50php book from the PSICOM booth – Angels and Jejemons – which I thought will cost more in bookstores. I also got a free copy of The Economist and an Ibon foundation newsletter. In addition to these bargain finds are the new releases at discounted prices: Ambeth Ocampo’s Chungkalorn’s Elephants: Looking Back 5, Tado Jimenez’s Nag-Iisa Lang Ako, Lourd de Veyra’s First Novel Super Panalo Sounds, Carljoe Javier’s Geek Tragedies, and Ian Rosales Casocot’s Beautiful Accidents. 

There were also book signings by Alexander Yates, Tado, Stanley Chi, Ambeth Ocampo, Queena Lee Chua, Randy David and Lourd de Veyra happening all in one day. I got my books signed by Tado and Sir Ambeth, hindi ko na inabutan si Lourd 😛

Tado Signing his book, Nag-Iisa Lang Ako
Sorry Sir Ambeth, Stolen Shot

And now I happily present my Book Fair Loot – with the other freebies that I got!


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