Intense Theater: Battalia Royale


My Facebook status reads: Putek. Manood kayo ng Battalia Royale sa CCP! San ka makakakita ng play na hihingalin ka? Hahahaha, pero seriously gaiz. Manood kayo, kakaibang experience, abuloy sa namatay lang ang kapalit.

Pretty ironic to have the laughing guy at the background

This is a much watch play, too bad it only runs until tomorrow.

Really made me think/observe – even though it was just a play – when it was the audience’s turn to decide where one dies or lives, I couldn’t afford to say that one must die – kahit na play lang yun. And I think even the audience in general do think the same way.

Based on the blog, it seems like the actors really went into some hardcore characterization, even taking it as far as creating online personas in FB just to create a realistic experience for the play. Adik. 

Thinking about going back tomorrow, just to watch the different ending, and the live scoring by RSP. Wishing that there was a “staged” version, just so that I can see and experience every interaction in full. I had my apprehensions not being able to see the other parts of the play, but I do understand that it is part of the experience. Nothing adds to the suspense factor like shrill screams and unidentified gunfire noises in the background, and actually running from place to place.

Anyway, if you DID manage to watch the play and have a hangover like I did, I recommend watching the original Japanese Battle Royale Film. Not for the light of heart, but c’mon, you managed to watch the play didn’t you?

Battalia Royale Runs from February 21-23 2012 at the CCP Ramp/Promenade. Pay-what-you-can. (i.e. Abuloy lang ang kailangan). Live Scoring from Radioactive Sago Project on the 23rd. As in panoorin niyo, pramis.


2 thoughts on “Intense Theater: Battalia Royale

    1. Naku, walang anuman 😀 hahahahah I definitely enjoyed it – Congrats sa yo at sa whole cast niyo – ang gagaling ninyong lahat, as in intense acting talaga 🙂

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