Art in the Park 2012

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Writing some of this from Memory:

  • Waded through crowds of well, rich looking people, lots of foreigners, artist and designers whose faces I’m really familiar with – but whom I’m too shy to reach out to.
  • Not carrying a lot of cash that time, but it didn’t stop me from buying (hihi)
  • It was a healthy mix of different art forms: Booths with Paintings and Sculptures traditional in form but not really traditional in content (i.e. Zorro x Star Wars Crossover) dotted the whole area, inside tents, on the grass, are place side by side with postcards, bottlecap rings, canvass bags, figurines, and digital prints.
  • There were some performances too – naka-dagdag sa artsy vibe nung lugar yung tunog ng mga traditional Pinoy instruments na tinutugtog ng mga manong sa isang bench. Naka-upo lang sila doon na tumutugtog.
  • Makulit din yung Wearable Art ni Leeroy New na lumiligid ligid sa fair
  • I SO REGRET NOT GETTING THE ANG INK POSTCARDS. 4 for 100. Saan ka makaka-kita ng ganun? (Oh where can I get you?)
  • Can’t wait for the day when I could finally buy some paintings and hang them up on my designer room. For now, I should be satisfied with my really affordable art pieces.
  • About postcards: I’m conflicted whether to keep them – or to actually send them – so that I somehow share Philippine Art with people. So far I’ve sent some Electrolychee, Zeus Bascon and Tof Zapanta Postcards to Japan and Italy thru postcrossing.
  • Amusing to see Manix pimping their ‘zine, The Last Valentine’s Day On Earth, to a potential buyer beside me.
  • With all the people I see conversing, It really makes me wonder how people talk to each other about art.Kung ako yun, masasabi ko lang, “Maganda siya. Astig. Surreal.”..ganun. I’ll probably be at a loss for words.
  • RE: The Last Valentine’s Day on Earth – Pinaka-Natuwa ako dun sa part ng Papa Jack Love Advice Illustrated ni Bru Sim. Tsaka yung comics nung girl na ina-attempt makipag-converse sa boyfriend niyang busy. Baka masyado pang mababa yung taste ko nyahahaha

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