Interesting Finds at Makati (Cinema) Square

Its been a while since I was at Makati (Cinema) Square, the word Cinema in parenthesis since it has been rebranded to what is known now as Makati Square. The thing with short on cash, is that you’re forced to search for some cheap but filling eats after a couple of fun hours learning Japanese. The mall is still the same old tiangge stalls selling DVDs (secretly?), however, it was renovated on the inside and it now looks brighter than it used to be.

Notice the rebranding? Looks classy as it is, until you see their new logo.

Just posting some interesting finds, like what Sexy Actress Aubrey Miles is up to these days. Its just, interesting that one time you see this person all over Men’s magazines, and now she’s running a pawnshop just like any other boss lady. Yes, this is life in action.

So Aubrey Miles now has a pawnshop.

Aside from this store which piqued my curiosity, there’s also this place where I think musicians and tech junkies on a budget will definitely like. Where else will you find a Buy one Take one deal on Bass Guitars? LCD Monitors for 2000 php? Or a Cheap Telescope? The shop is named PC Park Japan and they sell second hand electronics from Japan, who would’ve thought. Now I’m really wondering if all those stories where you could literally pick out working electronics from trash in Japan were true, and if they end up being sold here.

Second hand Telescopes, Monitors and Buy One Take One Guitars

The most interesting find though is this stall selling Thai food for the cheap. This is the best Pad Thai you can get for 80 pesos. Really Good, really hit the spot for that cheap but filling meal! I wish I took a picture of it but I was really hungry, and it looked like they didn’t hold back on the ingredients. I’m not sure but the guy cooking at the stall might be the actual Thai person featured in the newspaper clipping they have hanging at their little stall, it really might be “D’ Original” Sen Lek as they claim. I think I’ll be going back to Sen Lek at Makati Square for their Thai Noodles.

Sen Lek Thai Noodles: I think this is the real deal

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