Artista Atbp.

Artista Atbp.

Things that I discovered about myself: I love stories. I love it when I’m able to talk to people and learn their story. I love reading books because it exposes me to different stories. This love of stories also extends to Real-Life people, my friends, my co-workers, to Society Bigwigs, and Artistas. Hence this collection of magazines.

Its not really the typical artistas I’m interested in reading about. You have these typical artistas with a 10 year shelf-life, and then you have these icons. People who stand out. These people and their life stories I’m really interested in.

Willie Revillame piques my interest because he’s the person the Philippine Masa adores, but the Middle-and-Upper Class Filipinos love to hate. He can make any audience member of his show do what he wants at a drop of a hat. He really gets and emphasizes with the masa crowd, but at the same time he’s filthy stinkin’ rich because of that ability, and now he’s rubbing elbows with the Ayalas at the Manila Yacht Club. I’m really curious on how his mind works, what makes him tick. The magazine feature was really good in being able to poetically put into words the contradictions in his life, i.e. his riches vs. his relationships, being rich vs. being loved by the masses.

Nora Aunor is heralded as the one of the greatest actresses in Philippine Cinema, though her life wasn’t exactly smooth sailing in the least. I wanted to know show she came to be that Iconic, and well, what really happened with her.

And the latest magazine, the one that features Coco Martin, Indie Darling-turned-Mainstream prince. Aside from staring at his smoldering pictures in the magazine – I wanted to find out how he made that switch from Indie to Mainstream, and how he thinks of his new found fame. He’s not really artista-like: He doesn’t appear in tabloids and tv reports that often, he doesn’t make that much noise, which is very untypical of an artista of this stature.

Other people that I bought magazines for their stories: Esquire’s Manny Pangilinan Issue, Esquire’s Ely Buendia and Lourd de Veyra issue.

So how about you? Who would you like to read about? Or would buy a magazine feature for?


2 thoughts on “Artista Atbp.

  1. So true, these personality profiles are enjoyable and inspiring to read since most often it covers their journey from struggling to successful. Well-written, compelling read. It takes even more energy to put together and write it up.

    Thanks for visiting our site Culture Connoisseur! 🙂 Enjoyed your capsule reviews @ Goodreads by the way.

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