CNA: The Korean Accessory Shop Opens at Pedro Gil

CNA: They had me at Number One

I  may not be a Korean-o-phile, but going home from a not-so-satisfying dinner at Robinson’s Place, and passing by this newly opened, brightly lit store along Pedro Gil St., whose sign says: CNA: Korea’s No.1 Accessories Store….”Number One?”  Never mind that its Korean and its not really my cup of tea….but Okay, I knew I just had to go. And excitedly I grabbed my brother from across the street and entered.

I was greeted by counters of Hair Accessories, a wall’s worth of Quirky Earrings, Necklaces, Silver Jewelries, Cellphone Charms, Nerd Glasses, and Spiked Headbands. And just right in front of me, a section dedicated to Korean Cosmetics: BB Creams, Nail Polish, Blush, among other things. The BB Creams they had were around the 350 peso range, and its not the typical brands that I read in blogs, so I didn’t grab any. I went on and looked around some more.

Beyond the Mini-Cosmetics counter, they have the K-Pop section with CDs, Pictures, Postcards, I didn’t really spend time in the section, but I did notice the Socks with the cute illustrated faces of Kpop Stars on them – and they were a lot. I think it’ll be a hit with the Kpop-lover crowd: Come to think of it – the store did have the perfect location, near a mall where students from Taft frequently hang-out, this is presuming that most KPop lovers are students or something. But I digress.

Beside the Cashier they have these white tote bags on display, each of them sold at a student-friendly price of 300. Interesting Designs that I haven’t seen anywhere on the metro, if I wasn’t keen on saving money I would’ve bought one already. I opted for a Diary Sticker set instead – sold for 60 pesos each, to decorate my already colorful planner/journal. You have a wall-wide choice for stickers, so you’re bound to find something that you’ll like.

I left with these 2 items. As for the store, I really like their selection of merchandise, really unique especially the earrings, the bags and the stickers – you wouldn’t find anything like the earrings they’re selling in Greenhills or in 168 Mall. The only gripe that I had, (or maybe my brother’s) is that there are not that much choices for guys. The prices are not that steep as well, so whether you’re into Korean Culture, or you’re just a curious pedestrian passing by (like I was), I wouldn’t be surprised if you come out of the store with an item.

CNA (Culture, Nature, Art) is a Korean Accessories store located along Pedro Gil, Manila – beside Jollibee, near St. Paul’s University. On Sundays they’re open until 930 pm.


11 thoughts on “CNA: The Korean Accessory Shop Opens at Pedro Gil

    1. Recipe books, hmmm, the last time I was there, I didn’t see any. I think you’d have a better chance of finding a recipe book in our bookstores 🙂 Or if by chance you found a Korean 2nd Hand shop here in Manila

  1. Nung pumunta po kami ng GF ko .. Kung Ano Pa Po Yung Hinahanap Namin Yun po Yung Wala 😦
    SNSD poster or items please.. maxado mahal yung album 😀

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