Cinemalaya 2012, Komikon, Indieket: June – July 2012 in Manila Semi-Art

1. On Komikon 2012 (June 17, 2012, Bayanihan Center, Pasig) and/or the upcoming IndieKet 2012 (July 14, 2012, Bayanihan Center, Pasig)

I finally came around to finishing my Komikon loot for 2012. Notable finds include Lady Storykeepers Realm of Dreams: Crimson Moon, and Work In Progress Volume 2. I loved Crimson Moon for its fresh story and character design. I know the God of Death concept has been used a gazillion times already but this one has a Philippines Mythology twist. I definitely loved the protagonists: a 17 year old undead girl and her Boss, “Mr.M”, the Visayan God of Sea who happens to be the God of Death as well, dressed in all his Gothic Maranaoan Glory – how the hell do you think of a concept like that. Work In Progress volume 2 meanwhile, has this sobering effect on me after I read, maybe because I can totally relate to the reality of getting a job and “growing up”, or at least trying to.

Runner ups (if there’s such a word): Ice Cream Indie‘s In Her World – for making me wonder what is going to happen next, and The Crime Fighting Call-Center Agents – for being random, funny, and well-crafted.

For those who missed the Komikon last June, you still have the chance to catch Indieket this weekend. What’s interesting is that they’re allowing Doujinshi / Fan Comics to be sold. Wonder if I’ll see some gems there? *Fujoshi senses tingling*

Cinemalaya 2012: Reusing an Old Image, kasi wala silang poster for this year. 😐

2. On Cinemalaya 2012 (July 21 – 29 2012, CCP, Greenbelt and Trinoma Cinemas) – And its that time of the year again! Compared to last year, I want to watch majority of films to be shown during the week – both from the Director’s Showcase set and the New Breed set.   Tickets @150 per movie, but I think Festival passes are being sold, 700 for 1-day pass, valid for CCP screenings only, 4-6 movies. Anyway, their Facebook Page has all the details. But man, with the hectic schedules of friends, I’ll probably be blowing a lot of 150’s during the weekdays.

Hopefully I’ll be able to catch the following movies:

  • Raymond Red’s Kamera Obskura: Silent Film. Black and White. Period Film. A man holed up and discovering how much the world has changed.
  • Jose Javier Reyes’ Mga Munting Lihim: About Seemingly Best Friends who are keeping secrets from each other. Then all hell breaks loose nung nag-nagkaalaman na. Juicy indeed. Plus, its Janice de Belen, Iza Calzado, Agot Isidro and Judy Ann Santos.
  • Vincent Sandoval’s Aparisyon: Creepy Trailer about Nuns. And Jodi Sta. Maria.
  • Marie Jemora’s Ang Nawawala: Because of my Pinoy Hipster tendencies. Wonder how will it differ from last year’s RakenRol. And Alchris Galura (hihihi)
  • Gino Santo’s The Animals: Film about High School kids and their, misadventures. Pretty interesting how this will pan out.

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