[Cinemalaya 2012] Director’s Showcase: Mga Munting Lihim

[It’s that time of the year again! Cinemalaya 8 Full Force Philippine Independent Film Festival 2012 is currently ongoing from 21 July to 29 July 2012. I’m hoping to present my impressions as concise as possible, so hence, everything is in bullet form. Maybe I should try blogging in bullet form from now on. Anyways, First Movie – Jose Javier Reyes’ Mga Munting Lihim -Bom]

 On Jose Javier Reyes’ Mga Munting Lihim:

  • This Film is perfect for: Audiences not used to watching indie films. The material is very pedestrian and relatable; it’s not the stereotypical indie film on poverty, sexuality, or crime that shoves the jarring Philippine reality down your throat (which I think turns people off when it comes to indie films).
  • Iza Calzado is so pleasing to the eyes. At siya ang pinaka-malutong mag-mura, its funny! Her role as the uptight go-getter “ball-breaking bitch” , Carly, fits her so well. Which is good considering there were a lot of shots wherein they “gossip” stuff directly to you
  • Also pleasing to the eyes is the whole look of the film – maaliwalas. 
  • The most ingenious thing is that it just doesn’t stop at those little secrets between friends, the scheming, the backstabbing and the mess that happens when they confront each other about it. Its a mirror of human nature, a portrait of how a friend cannot be the most perfect person, or may not even be what you think he or she is – despite knowing them for years – and yet they’re still there when it matters.
  • Then everything moves from “the mess”, to the point of it all, Envy, and Being Happy. The opening line and the ending lines says it all. Mariel, Judy Ann’s characters says in the beginning – “In Second Year High School, we were taught to always count our Blessings…” and in the end – in her Eulogy – she apparently said “No matter what you have to be happy..” Maybe all her life, her envy has eaten her up so much, and in the end, she wasn’t really happy with everything that happened.
  • On a lighter note, Oh I’m sure you’ll be able to point out a friend in one of the characters: The Friend who seem to have it all and your really envious of, the naive friend who never pays back her debts – maybe you can even identify with a character yourself. I think that alone makes for an interesting watch.
  • Verdict: I love this film. Yun lang. I think it shows in this entry that I’ve just written.

One thought on “[Cinemalaya 2012] Director’s Showcase: Mga Munting Lihim

  1. Bullet points are love. ❤ And I am sad that I would not be able to see this entry! I really think the premise is interesting and easier to watch compared to a lot of the other Cinemalaya entries. It looks like one of those movies where the message is so simple and relateable, also quite poignant. Those are the kinds of stories that I really appreciate.

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