[Cinemalaya 2012] New Breed: Ang Nawawala, Director’s Showcase: Kamera Obskura and being at the CCP

Pandemonium: People trying to take pictures with JM De Guzman
  • I did not expect Marie Jamora’s Ang Nawawala to be THAT wonderful. Its just that I got to watch a similar film last year (i.e. Rakenroland it was just, okay. But this film is really wonderful, and I truly enjoyed it. I like the fact that its not shallow, message-wise and story-wise, its not just about teens growing up, attending gigs and living their hipster lives. Its probably due to the writer who wrote it, Ramon De Veyra. 
  • ..because of its twist. Watch out for the twist.
  • Its also amazing how the directors can make Manila beautiful, and how they managed to shoot scenes that’s very Filipino – but not in a cheezy, traditional way. Lighted Mansions, People doing karaoke by the street under Politico-Sponsored Tents, the Greenhills Christmas display, the parols
  • Pure Genius: Not sure if they built the story with Christmas and New Years’ in mind, or if it’s just Christmas and New Years’ when they thought of the story and just decided to shoot some scenes and incorporate it in the film
  • Most of all, I’m just happy that such a film exists. It’s one of those films that makes you think, Wow, pwede pala ‘to sa Cinemalaya? (Films like these can exist in Cinemalaya?) Because face it, the usual Indie Film fare revolves around commentaries on Poverty, Homosexuality, Crime, Drama and the Gritting Philippine Reality that can be taxing to watch sometimes, and here comes something actually enjoyable, and (somehow) light
  • Raymond Red’s Kamera Obskura took a lot of concentration to watch. It’s a black-and-white silent Period film, and aside from reading the dialogues, it seems to me like hearing no dialogue makes my eyes compensate for it, watching every expression to basically pick-up what’s going on in the film
  • Being a silent film though is the reason why I watched it in the first place. And those flying bike-machines. So dystopic.
  • But it still gave me headaches. Well, at least I was able to experience watching a silent film, and feel so artsy doing it.
  • Like what my friend said, it’s a commentary on everything. Politics, Media, Dirty Money, Manny Pacquiao, the lack of preservation of Old Filipino Movies and Films, how people can know the truth but still be powerless to do something about it — unless they come together
  • like the dust that comes together to define a ray of light.
  • If you really want to feel the Cinemalaya experience, you should watch films at the CCP. Its such a weird wonderful experience to be eating beside food stalls within the CCP compound and have celebrities you see on TV every night, pass you by like they’re not celebrities at all, but just normal people wanting to grab a bite. With their hot girlfriends in tow.
  • Or you could watch the pandemonium of people wanting to taking pictures with the hottest young celebrity in the building. (It must really be a hassle for them, especially for JM De Guzman and Daniel Padilla who had to be pulled by his companion inside CCP to get away from the  fans)
  • Only when you watch films within CCP can you get to congratulate the director in person and have your picture taken with them, or get some swag (i.e. merchandise) from your favorite film
  • Overall, a really good and diverse selection for this year. I want to watch it all if not for monetary and time constraints. Plus food just outside the CCP. Really looking forward to next years’ festival, and I do hope it gets more diverse next year – it’s starting to head to a good direction 🙂

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