Aiza Seguerra Bente Singko: A Celebration of OPM’s Greatest (her included)

The best 2700 pesos I’ve ever spent!

I loved this concert. I don’t know any other perfect way to start this entry but to simply state that I loved this concert more than all the other concerts that I’ve been to this year. Of course each show had their own novelty and awesomeness, but I found myself really enjoying this concert more than anything. Maybe because I could understand the songs, maybe it was Aiza that was singing, or maybe it was the big time guests, I don’t know, it’s a lot of things.

What I could tell you though that it was:

No fuss setup, No fuss getup
  • A very simple concert but not to the point of being overly simple that it isn’t worth the ticket price. Aiza is just wearing a simple shirt and jeans getup (no costume changes). The Audio-Video presentation is really nothing too fancy, the stage setup is just a Monitor in between 3 vinyl-covered, lighted columns on each side and the band and orchestra setup in front. The simplicity though is not something detrimental to the concert, but instead it complements what kind of musician and person Aiza Seguerra is: No fuss, just heartfelt quality music. Even the spiels she says in between songs – well, they weren’t even spiels, it’s really just her speaking her mind. I love that she can be very witty, and no matter how she says that she’s really a very shy person, she can get the audience to laugh at her comebacks.

    Aiza with Gary V.
  • A celebration of OPM It is really the best 2700 pesos I ever spent because I get to see the best OPM artists on one stage. The ABS-CBN Philharmonic Orchestra. (And the fact that she has an orchestra on her concert just made it more substantial). The Company. Bayang Barrios (Why did I only hear you now, ang ganda ng boses mo!!!). Cookie Chua. Gloc-effin’-9! The ASAP Sessionistas. Martin Nievera, Gary Valenciano. Vic Sotto (He’s not the greatest of Singers, but he is Bossing, so..). Even Sharon Cuneta sang Bituing Walang Nining impromptu – she just came there to watch the concert! Aiza has almost all of OPM’s greatest as guests, and I couldn’t believe I saw them all in one night, Oh, make it, saw them all in the first place.
  • A celebration of Aiza the artist With all the songs she sang, I admire her for being able to keep up, having a consistent performance all throughout the concert. No matter who she was singing with, and what she was singing: Rap with Gloc-9 and the ASAP Sessionistas, Funk-Retro-Rock with The Company, Ballads with Martin Nievera and Gary V., she performed them all without awkwardness and faltering. Her voice still sounds clear and comforting, every song emotional and heartfelt. Like a bottle of beer that relieves you of your heartache, or in my case, a warm hug. Not intruding. Not overpowering. And I wouldn’t wonder why she got all of these great OPM artists very willing to work with her – her artistry is very evident. In the intermission videos, Mike Villegas has aptly described her in the video as a Folk-Singer with Rock Fingers. Her co-workers has also described her as a capable producer, and its evident her hit songs (I didn’t know she  did Juris’ Di Lang Ikaw). But then it really doesn’t take all these testimonials to make you understand how good a singer she is. Just listen to her sing. 

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