In this year’s MMFF: Sisterakas and Sosy Problems (2012)

1. For one thing, it is really the time for Moviehouses to earn big bucks. I went to Rockwell to watch other MMFF entries, thinking that it wouldn’t be that packed as compared to other malls, since Rockwell isn’t really on top of mind of MMFF audiences. But lo and behold, THE PLACE WAS PACKED. Apparently other people had the same idea. People went in hordes, with children in tow. This makes me think that well, Middle Class Filipinos do watch MMFF entries as well.

2. Anything with Vice Ganda’s name sells, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s funny. Sisterakas – in which he stars together with Ai-Ai De Las Alas and Kris Aquino, had a sold out screening. I bought the last ticket. I really wanted to watch it since I was expecting to laugh (and isn’t it primarily the reason why people patronize these movies in the first place?) – but I didn’t. I lowered my expectations, I didn’t expect the story to hold water nor to make sense, but at least I was expecting to laugh. But then the only chance that I get to laugh was Vice Ganda’s quips – about making Lugaw – and not all of them were funny. And probably the times when Kris Aquino appears on-screen, she’s so awkward it’s funny. There were inside jokes about James (Yup) Yap, and Rubadabango, and they’re repeated quite often, and they were not funny. I felt victimized falling for the hype. It was a top grosser after all.

3. Sosy Problems saves the day. On its own, I think I would also be disappointed, but Sisterakas was that bad, it made Sosy Problems look good. The actresses were pretty convincing, the sweet one was convincingly sweet, the comedic scenes were painful to watch but it’s funny that way, there was social commentary (at least), and they tried to insert a take-away (nicely summed up in the end, mind you). I agree with Carljoe Javier’s review that it’s intelligent in the least. And probably that saved the day for me.


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