On this year’s Summer Komikon 2014

Back at this Summer’s Komikon 2014

And I’m back! Been finding a reason to blog again after the office shenanigans, and this looks like the perfect opportunity to do so!

The last time I attended Komikon was way back 2012, and I missed it a bit. Primarily, I think it was that I didn’t find enough motivation to go last year as compared to this year. This year, I was set on getting interesting titles: the Abangan Anthology, Manix’s 10th Kikomachine Book, Tabi Po in its full color glory, and Eliza Victoria’s Project 17 (which is technically not a comic, but since it was on sale, I thought of including it). Hence, I think I went to Komikon just to make Visprint rich, but I digress.

Another reason was to catch Arnold Arre’s Animation Short, Milkyboy. I haven’t seen any venues where this will be shown, and once the Komikon FB page announced that they’ll be showing Andong Agimat and Milkboy, I knew I had to come this year.

Manila Man flanked with the Kambal from Trese
Manila Man flanked with the Kambal from Trese

I had this feeling that a lot more people came this year than the previous years, and I guess the event is getting popular. I even saw foreigners attending the event. By the time afternoon crowd hit the con, it was pretty much hard to walk around in. Then again, it might be because of the sheer number of sellers and the material being sold in the venue. LOTS and LOTS of ORIGINAL CONTENT as far as the eye can see. I feel that they can rent one hall in SMX already with the sheer number of the crowd.

This year, I really appreciate the fact that a lot of people are coming out and trying to sell their works. You have the seasoned Comic Book Artists, the Student Orgs, the little Comic Studios that has been around for a couple of years already, the Komikon Regulars, the Comic Strip artists whose works appear in the local dailies, the kids (and oldies) who are much influenced with Manga Style Illustrations, the Web Comic creators peddling their works in Physical form…

Case in Point: Likeman's Rasel Tokwa peddling Likeman's Issue 1.1
Case in Point: Likeman’s Rasel Tokwa peddling Likeman’s Issue 1.1

People who created comics to tell their stories, Graphic Designers and Graffiti Artists venturing into Comics (Nelz Yumul of Wee Will Doodle and Electrolychee’s Bru Sim and Marcushiro Nada were there beside’s Dark Chapel’s table), even the artists back from the Funny Komiks days. There were even people selling Art Zines, Art Prints, Postcards and Stickers. All of these different groups bringing variety to the table makes this year’s Komikon a lot more interesting. And the drawing styles are starting to get diverse, whereas before you could categorize it to mainly 3 style: The Anime/Manga Style Comics, the Western Style/Old-School Pinoy Stule Comics, and the Comic Strips, but as of today, you couldn’t quite know how to categorize the style used by a certain work, and that’s a good thing.

And so for this year’s loot, we have the following:

Bom's 2014 Komikon Loot
Bom’s 2014 Komikon Loot

In Indie Published Works (i.e. the White self-published Comics) and why I picked them up / First Impressions:

In Published Works:

  • Abangan: The Best Philippine Komiks 2014. Ed. by Rob Cham, Adam David, Carljoe Javier and Elbert Or
  • Kikomachine 10 by Manix Abrera
  • Tabi Po by Melvin Malonzo
  • *Something I wish I got but I didn’t* – Rodie Patotski Ang Dalagang Baby by Gerry Alanguilan and Arnold Arre. I thought it was a light comedy story, so I didn’t buy it, but having read from my seat mates copy makes me regret my decision

And Finally, one amusing tidbit. I was thinking of a way of not having my comics signed, but still getting something from the artist whom I bought comics from. So I figured, Why don’t I ask them to sign my planner instead? And so I asked Sir Julius to sign my planner, but then he drew. And I guess the next artists who signed took it as a challenge 🙂 But really, it was very nice of them to do this, and I’m thankful.

Komikon Artists


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