Finally: 98B’s Saturday Future Market at Escolta: August 2014 Edition

Sa Wakas!! 98B’s Saturday Future Market at Escolta, Manila

I’ve been following 98B’s FB page for a while and I’ve been eyeing their Monthly Market over at Escolta. With 98B being an independent artist-run initiative, I could only imagine the selection of items being sold (or in this case, the concessionaires they’ve allowed to sell at their Market). I was expecting nothing less than interesting, and I’m glad I wasn’t disappointed.


The Market in Bullets:

  • You have artists selling handmade stuff in this Market, so I’m pretty sure you’ll not find these items sold at any other commercial Bazaar you might run into
  • ..unless of course, you visit their Facebook Pages. If you ask the seller where else you can see their work, they’ll likely hand you a card with their Facebook and Instagram details.
  • Hence, Social Media = A very helping selling platform
Shape Happens at the Escolta Saturday Market (Like them at
Shape Happens at the Escolta Saturday Market (Like them at
  • Merchandise Examples: Tote Bags – from Intricately Decorated, Hand Painted to the Downright Witty (Atom Araullo Pregnancy Club totebags anyone?), Handmade Stickers, Framed-Watercolor, Inked, Acrylic Paintings, Bookmarks, Fabric Strap Watches, Old Books, Vintage Posters of Pinoy Artistas, Old Stamps, Handpainted Artsy Motivational Signs on Wood (by Polarities – I wasn’t able to take a picture)


  • Loads and Load of Earrings, Bracelets, and Trinkets made out of beads, brass, colored wood, acrylic, copper, bottle caps, Origami, Leather whatever thing that could be used for accessories. I bought the little green comb earrings for 20 pesos
Ebony Paguia of Hands Love Papers and her Awe-Inspiring Paper Art
Ebony Paguia of Hands Love Papers and her Awe-Inspiring Paper Art
  • There was this stall selling Old CDs and Cassette Tapes of 90s Bands, both OPM and Foreign. I wasn’t able to go through the collection – I might’ve found a Perodiko CD..
  • And another reason for Joy, Old and Not-So-Old books were being sold at the Market. On one stall was a floor blanket spread filled by writings by Philosophers (i.e. Kant, Dostoevsky, Plato) – I’m pretty sure the person manning it was a Philo Major or something. For us mere mortals, there was also this stall that has this Bookshelf with Griffin and Sabine, multiple copies of Paulo Coelho and Haruki Murakami, Lord of the Rings, Calvin and Hobbes
  • The kind lady manning the stall was also listing down requests, so she might have the titles for next month’s Saturday Market


The highlight of this visit though was buying the book: Leaping Off the Page by Designed by Words Workshop‘s Carlomar Daoana and Jenny Orillos. It could’ve been just an ordinary transaction, but I fended off my shyness and asked the seller if they were the mods of Designed by Writers Workshop. It turns out I was talking to Jenny herself! I introduced myself as the person who owns the blog they’ve recently commented on. I recently followed their blog and noted how their book would probably be a big help to the current state of my writing. This probably led to them finding my blog and leaving some nice words. It kind of made me giddy that someone was amused reading my blurbs about books in Goodreads, and appreciated my post about Recto. She was genuinely nice and warm – she even offered me her facial tissue to wipe my oily face when we had our picture taken (nakakahiya!). Too bad our picture got accidentally deleted, but she didn’t really wanted her picture posted anyway, so that’s that. Hay, the random amazing things you get to experience when you fight your introverted tendencies, be brave and actually reach out once in a while 🙂

And the now for ze loot Clockwise from Left: Designed by Words Workshop‘s Leaping Off the Page for 350php (Special Escolta Saturday Market Price), Kwan’s sticker set for 150php- they were stoked when I bought one,  Adventure Time’s Marceline wallet, Captain America Sticker and the Mini Sailor Moon Magnet from ShapeHappens, Comb Earrings for 20php, and finally, Chrissy Cruz‘s Black and White Square Postcards – which we actually have a lack of here in Manila, – something random – she actually turned out to be a Friend’s cousin! Small World!


7 thoughts on “Finally: 98B’s Saturday Future Market at Escolta: August 2014 Edition

  1. Hi Elise!
    Thank YOU for dropping by our booth. It’s great to meet kindred spirits, even if one has to go out of their comfort zone esp me. Camera & blog-shy lang actually 😛 It was a joy meeting you at the Saturday Market. I really appreciate that somebody out there reads our little space on the web, but the offline conversations makes it a thousand times better. ~Jenny

  2. I’ve been eyeing to go and maybe try to sell stuff sa 98B. I love Polarities’ print on wood, very witty 🙂 and its really nice to see people like you to come on art fairs and buy from independent artists 🙂 nakakalakas loob:)

    1. Thanks for Dropping by Sab! 🙂 Haha its the least I can do for artists na din. Parang if I don’t get to be a designer myself might as well support other people on their dreams nadin. And besides, I like stuff from independent artist din kasi they’re very unique.

      Go lang! Follow 98B on facebook since they post their call for sellers there. Malay mo, we might see each other there when I sell my old books 😛

    1. Hi, Hazel – The market’s held every 15th (read: sweldo) of the Month. You can follow 98B ( for the scheduleds.

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