July 2015 in Plays: Kung Paano ako Naging Leading Lady and No Filter: Let’s talk about me

The Cast of Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady
The Cast of Kung Paano Ako Naging Leading Lady

On Kung Paano ako Naging Leading Lady

  • Managed to catch the last few runs of it in Greenbelt OnStage
  • Was hoping to watch Bituin Escalante in the starring role but I get to watch Frenchie Dy instead.
  • Frenchie’s not bad, but I was hoping for an intense performance. She was quite believable as the good ate though.
  • I actually liked Markki Stroem’s performance as Leading Man. He plays the naive and earnest Inglisero Amboy convincingly – it was natural that Mely (Frenchie Dy’s character) would really be friends with him.
  • I really thought Vincent De Jesus played Senor Blanco – but it was someone by the name of Domi Espejo – benta sakin yung grammar punchlines niya. 
  • A month from watching the play, I could still recall Buhay Basahan and Kayumanggilas ‘s melody, but I can’t say the same for the other songs. Not sure if I wasn’t paying attention or if the songs sounded the same to me.
  • “We have a maiiiiid!!” was one of the more awkward singing parts in Kung Paano ako Naging Leading Lady – at least for me personally.
  •  The code switching between Filipino and English was off-putting

On No Filter: Let’s talk about Me

  • I LOVED IT. Seriously. I doubt however if the parents and older people watching it with me at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium fully appreciated it since it mostly talks about Millennial Issues.
  • I say this because considering the humor alone, I’m not sure if people outside the Millennial crowd get the skits about Tinder, the 5 people in an Instagram Picture, the Apps segment. It was written by Millennials and I think I really get the humor – I enjoyed every second of it.
  • Much as I enjoyed it however, I can’t help but think that the play is so burgis. All the themes discussed in the play wouldn’t come to a person’s mind if that person came from the lower income classes. Social Media Activism, the Icarus segment: i.e. Don’t fly too high lest your wings melt off not Don’t fly too low lest the waves swallow you whole,  people who are trying to eke a living everyday – even if their ages will allow them to be considered a ‘Millennial – just have no time to have these concerns. Can’t help but think that people having these concerns are “privileged” in a way.

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